Storage Closet

We had (another) empty closet near the pantry, that for whatever reason didn’t have a door either.  After much discussion and a rough sketch, we decided to make a couple floating shelves to match the pantry that would accommodate cleaning supplies and other household products.

Rough Sketch
This was another sketch that took place over coffee – yes, this is a recurring theme.  We wanted the shelf to accommodate cleaning supplies and bulk items like paper towels.  We kept the shelves narrow to make things easy to find, while leaving plenty of room at the sides of the walls for brooms, Swiffer and other large items.

The technique for the closet shelves was the same we used for the panty project.  A simple frame mounted to the wall studs, topped with plywood which was then sanded, caulked and painted for a finished look.





To hold the broom, dustpan and other hanging stuff, we used 1″ cup hooks.  For the Swiffer WetJet, that weighs about 10lbs, we used a $1 wardrobe hook from Menards.


Total cost = less than $20 for shelf boards, hooks, and paint.

It is very rewarding to have an organized closets so that everything has its place. Now I can gladly do as my wife says… “don’t put it down, put it away”.

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