Silverware Drawer Organizer

Silverware Drawer Organizer – Our kitchen silverware drawer had a plastic organizer that left a lot of wasted space, making it hard to find things, with drawer contents that looked like a mixed up mess.

Steve Ramsey from Woodworking for Mere Mortals had a great solution, an easy to make silverware drawer organizer that could be made from a single 6’ x 4” board.  We chose Maple to match the existing cabinet interior.  Steve mentioned in his blog that this was his third generation silverware organizer and shared the tips he learned and improved from the previous ones he built.  As always, Steve does a fantastic job breaking down the project into easy to follow steps (that even mere mortals can do).

Sizing the Compartments Using Shop Scraps – We used scraps and tape to model the spacing for each of the compartments.  This allowed us to mock up dimensions that worked best before we made cuts to the maple board.20160902_231252

Now that we had our dimension, we cut the boards.  The inside organizers have a semi circle cut out that makes it easy to grab the silverware.  Steve illustrates a simple method for making a precise curve using a thin piece of lumber and a string.  Too clever.20160903_204131By ripping the ¾” board into a two pieces we are able to reduce the amount of boards needed. The wider portion of each ripped board is used for the outside frame, while the thinner board is used for the inside compartment.  Notice how the inside compartment is curved so you can easily reach the silverware.20160903_210157

Once the curves are cut from each inside compartment, we now have all pieces cut and ready for assembly.  Here’s a quick video that shows how everything fits together before gluing and nailing.

This was a super fun project and provides a drawer organizer that is custom fit.  It provides the stock drawer features that are found in custom high-end cabinet drawers,

Voila! Final Result – once glued and nailed.  Let’s do this again.20160910_095003

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