Pantry Door Storage

Pantry Door

The pantry project was one of the first things we did after we moved in.  Once we used it for a while we determined that a far amount of space was used up by small stuff.  Inspired by Shanty2Chic, we decided to make a pantry door mounted space rack and an additional storage area at the lower portion of the door.

Step by step instructions from Shanty2Chic are available here.

The build instructions are super simple, we modified the dimensions to fit our needs and the size of our door.  Many modern interior doors are hollow, the trick to attaching the racks to the door is to use hollow wall anchors like these.  hollowdooranchorsThese things really work.  Since these racks add weight to the door, we replaced a screw in each hinge, with a longer screw so that it goes through the door casing and into the 2×4 framed door opening.  
























The door opens and closes super easy and makes it easy to find these small items with a simple glance.  Moving these items to the door freed up pantry shelf space.  

Once the spice rack as done, we felt like we really needed to use the lower portion of the door for additional storage.  Again, the Shanty2Chic folks had a perfect solution.  We modified their foil storage plans to accommodate larger items.  Not only did this free up more pantry shelf space, it put commonly used items at easy reach as soon as the door is opened.




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