Kitchen Command Center

One of my wife’s favorite sayings, often directed to me, is “don’t put it down – put it away”.   As usual, she’s exactly right.  When things have a place to go, it’s so much easier to find them. One thing that we’ve longed for was a central location for sorting mail, paying bills and other daily tasks.   Since many of these activities are performed over the Internet we also wanted an easy way to pay bills, or look up a recipe, online.

Our kitchen had an unused corner that was screaming “use me” every time we walked by it. While the TV tray worked for an interim solution, it was screaming to be replaced as well.

Before and After

Our first step was to visualize a layout that would best meet our needs and maximize the use of this small (4′ x 2′) space. Painters tape is great for mocking up ideas on a wall in that it’s easy to adjust and doesn’t leave a mark. Once we had a rough feel for logistics we picked up a stock 15″ base cabinet.  This left plenty of leg room at the work area.

kitchen station mockup    kitchen mockup2
Initial mockups with painters tape and stock cabinet

After moving the tape around a few times, we decided on the following elements.
   A stock 15” four drawer cabinet
   Counter height workspace
   Bill / mail sorter
   Organization cubbie
   A low profile computer workstation with a wireless keyboard and mouse.  

Our goal with having all items wall mounted is that we’d have the full work surface available for entertaining and other special events. The white cubbie and hanging sorter were made from plywood scraps. The storage boxes and pencil holders are walnut (my new favorite).  

kitchen station final
Final result… Voila.

If you’re interested in plans for how the individual components were built, come back soon.  We are documenting these now and will post the plans once complete.

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