Kitchen Cabinet Makeover… On a Tight Budget

We decided the kitchen needed a fresh look. The cabinets were in fine shape but bland, and lacking features common with custom cabinets.   We used A Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit in that we had some left over from a previous project.  A quality cabinet or trim paint would have worked fine as well.  

20160709_115524For us, refinishing the cabinets was a thee step process…

  1. Prep and paint the cabinet frame.
  2. Prep and paint the cabinet doors.
  3. Install door / drawer handles (our cabinets didn’t have any)

We decided the island was a great place to start.kitchencabinetcompare

We painted the cabinet frames by hand and sprayed the doors (front and back) with an HVLP sprayer and were really pleased with how it turned out.  The nice thing about spraying the doors is that it goes A LOT faster.  To provide increased durability we put two coats of white and three coats of clear finish on everything.

Now, on to the remaining cabinets…


Spraying the cabinet doors and drawers saved A LOT of time.


More doors, drawers, and trim to spray



Halfway done. We divided the the kitchen into three sections and painted one section at a time to minimize disruption.










After. The end cabinets were lifted slightly to provide a variation in elevation. We plan to accent this further (in the future) with crown molding at the top of the cabinets and accessories, such as a glass stemware rack, underneath.



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