Bathroom Shelves

Our master bath is designed so the toilet is separate from the rest of the bathroom.  My wife refers to it as the water closet, using a fake British accent whenever she says it.  The room has an 8′ foot ceiling and looked very stark.

We decided a pair of floating shelves was just what we were looking for and decided to do them in walnut since we had some left over from previous projects.

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Like many of our projects we used painters tape to model the placement of the shelves.  This helped to determine shelf placement before attaching the frame to the wall.


The shelf frames were made from furring strips.  This is the technique we used for the pantry project where the frame is attached to the wall studs and then wrapped with finished boards.

We decided to finish the walnut pieces before placing them on the shelf.  Once finished we cut them to size and attached with 18ga finish nails.  Our finished dimensions for each shelf were 37″ wide x 10″ deep x 2.5″ high.

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As usual, my wife did a fantastic job decorating the space once the shelves were in place.


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